Products and Services

Products and Services

Recruiting Professional Staff

One of our specialties is sourcing staff for our clients in the professional category, employees who obtained bachelor or master degree and/or their career baths are formed and well established in having 2-6 years of experience. In addition to, hiring professional ladies to companies that have female section, and also we help companies to establish female sections in term of providing talent, legal advices, regulations, and policy and procedures to operate female section as per labor law in Saudi Arabia.

The recruitment process passes through many stages including initial interview to explore the personality followed by an analytical interview to confirm the income and check the certificates and references; and a technical interview with an expert reaching to the induction meeting before the start of the new work and ongoing consultancy process.

Standard recruitment process takes less than six weeks, that include research and the selection of the best talented. Starting from the beginning of the project and the search for efficiencies (5 days), select the best candidates (two days), held interviews (3 days) and finalizing the recruitment (10 days).

Localization Services

One of ReSpeedgoals is to be a leading company of encouraging and supporting the employment of Saudi nationals in private sector. ReSpeed will make this a reality by providing localization solutions and advising companies on best practice and alternatives to meet this noble goal.

Human Resources Information System (HRIS)

HR intelligence has become extremely important especially when trying to ensure candidates’ credentials. Now with the help of ReSpeedhighly experienced team, our clients will rest assure that resumes and candidates are both trustworthy. We also give this service to help HR managers implement innovative ERP into all HR business activities and may also incorporate modules for internal CRM and business intelligence and present them as a single unified package.

Organizational Development

Our services are dedicated to accomplish more successful organizational change and performance by developing the organizational structures, setting the authority matrix, drafting job description, and planning of manpower needs. Furthermore, Unique and innovative service for employees’ appraisal which offers companies fair and neutral insight about their employees through a 3rd party appraisal done by HR consultants and Industry experts in order to assess their job fit and their entitlement for promotion or development plans.

HR Clinic

A unique mentoring and advising service helps professionals to fix their HR issues. our consultants will happy to provide you with answers and plans to assure your fair and successful HR treatment regarding:

  • Career path orientation
  • Grievance
  • Job search


Soft Skills Training is modern and well-designed t courses are tailored to enrich academic knowledge and practical experience.

Social Responsibility

  • Launch “Hiring One Saudi for Each Company” initiative to enhance localization.
  • Develop “Wazfni”: a nonprofit application for smart phones depends on the map to help job seekers find the nearest and most suitable jobs.
  • Promoting conservation of resources by reusing, recycling, and adopting processes that conserve the use of raw materials, energy.
  • Role model for a paper free office.
  • A closed loop system – it uses what it has over and over again.
  • Following the PDCA cycle (plan-do-check-act) cycle – plan to insure the continued improvement of the environment.
  • Heading to be the first LEED certified Recruitment Firm in Saudi Arabia.
  • Provide data, statistics and surveys that facilitate and enhance the state decisions in the planning of the National HR Strategy.